Can they be going back ???

Just got a call from Adrienne, and she just heard that the strike is finally over, although she heard conflicting rumours that they were ordered back to work from the government and they came to a settlement.

Haven’t gotten confirmation myself, but am interested to see this thing be over with.


7 days with Windows 7

I’ve been meaning to give Windows 7 a try for a couple of weeks, and with my recent layoff I find myself with enough time to tinker.

When compared to Vista the interface seems alot cleaner, less cluttered. I like how it will maximize the screen differently if you drag a window to the top edge, or to the sides. Not once has the taskbar become cluttered, even when I had a bunch of apps running at the same time.

What’s really impressed me so far is Media Center. Those of you who know me, know that Media Center and me have had a long, and loving relationship. Microsoft took a good product and somehow made it better, faster, stronger (I just flashed on Kanye West saying that in my head). “Libraries” automatically index with any new media based upon its location on your machine or the network. The indexing runs silently in the background and doesn’t take 2 days to complete like in other versions.

Another thing that is suprising is how much quicker 7 run on my laptop when compared to Vista. Where Vista made doing anything a chore, on 7 it runs almost on par with Windows XP when it comes to performance. I know that this is only a Beta, and by the time Microsoft releases the full version it will go through many changes and iterations, but lets hope the perfomance stays stable. 

I’ll post more detailed impressions after the honeymoon period is over and let you know whats truely going on here.

Ramblings of a Laid-off Tech Worker


I’m Robert, and until 90 minutes ago, I was a high tech worker. The company I work for is experiencing some turmoil due to the current global financial crisis, and some might have said were nuts, but now, some of us are nothing.

This is all still fresh in my mind, so it might seem fragmented. It would seem that loosing something you love gives you the perspective to see whats truely happening in all this.

I loved what I did for my former employer, but, is this going to be the end, or a new beginning. Hopefully with this chapter over, the next chapter in my story will begin shortly. So, if anyone knows of someone looking for a network administrator with experience working in a mixed network. Please point them in my direction.

Thanks for everyone who reads this.


Speak out against the strike and let your voice be heard

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to take a second of your time and ask that if you live in the City of Ottawa you let the Canada Industrial Relations Board know what impact it has had on you.

Information can be found by going to the following site

What Ottawa really should do

I sure hope the city of Ottawa learns something from this transit strike. After one day of hell I’ve learned something.

Instead of building the massive and very expensive transit system that isn’t going to improve travel times for residents in Kanata, Barrhaven or Riverside South.

What they should do is improve the road ways and build up the capacity needed to get people in and out of these areas, especially when you you look at where the city is going to grow in the next 20 years.

Hunt Club road should be widened, so should Fallowfield between Kanata and Barrhaven. And the Strandherd Bridge should be built now.

Hopefully we’ll get a city government that has the vision to enact the tough changes that are needed and not pander to the vocal minority in this city.

I said it would happen, now look and see.

As a follow up to my previous entry regarding Stephen Hawkins. According to this article with the Toronto Star it would seem that he has accepted the offer to join the Perimeter Institute.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. This is the guy who has changed our view of the universe time and again. And he’s coming to Canada, yeah !!

Ok, just wanted to announce this and spread the love.

Mindmapping Anyone?? Anyone??

So, a couple of weeks ago I got asked a question from one of our QA testers. “Can we find a plugin for Confluence that allows us to use a Mind Mapping application to visually represending a project.”

A simple enough question, and after much discussion over a drink I came out convinced that this could be a good thing to put in place at the office. The next week I was greeted to an email from this person with a link to a plugin for Confluence. Great, all the hard work is done, all I have to do is implement it.

At this point, things took a turn towards interesting. It would seem that all the work hadn’t already been done. Even though a plugin exists, we cannot use it for one simple fact. Its for an older version of our Wiki system.

Ok, back to the drawing board. A quick search of Google turned up all manner of plugins for Confluence, but none that work the way we want them to. Oh sure, there exists plugins that will allow MindMap attachments to be searchable by extracting their contents in a searchable manner, and some flow chart / diagram plugins, but none that allow you to create a file, upload it to Confluence and display its contents like it were an image, or better yet a collapsible tree.

At least none that I have been able to find. My question to anyone who happens to be reading this is, does this exist currently, or is it a pipe dream??? Any responses would be appreciated.