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Why Certifications and Standards matter

Hello All,

For the last six months, I’ve been embarking on
a little project for work to update my skill sets through studying
and writing Certification exams. During that time I’ve been
successful in passing two exams, while preparing for a third. So,
you must be wondering what this will give me when I’m done.
Currently, it means I have completed “ITIL v3 – Foundation”, passed
an MCP exam, and am studying for a second. What are the short term
goals? To complete the “MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support
Technician 7” certification with a long term goal of achieving the
“MCITP: Enterprise Administrator” certification as well. Now, this
might seem like a lot of work and effort on my part, but the
benefits to my career far out way any short term discomfort they
might bring while also helping in solidifying my place in the
organization that I’m a part of. The reason why this is important
is that certifications make adoption of Standards much easier,
because as more people in your organization achieve the same
certification, then the stronger the voice you all have. One thing
the ITIL certification taught me was that it benefits everyone if
process’, procedures, and services all operate in a similar
fashion. It leads to faster deployments, quicker adoption by your
users, and smoother transitions from the old to the new. ITIL
teaches that flexibility is an integral part of any Standard, and
that each organization must take from the standard what works best
for it. This sounds foreign, but a standard method widely adopted
by the health care industry, might not be the most efficient method
of operation for say a technology firm. But what the Standard does
is give you access to the tools that will help you determine which
one is right for you and your organisation. So what do
Certifications and Standards have to do with each other? Well for
one, certifications gives you practitioners who will then
evangelize a method or system of operation. Don’t believe me, look
at each organization that adhere’s to ISO 9001, or ITIL v3. They
each do things slightly different, but are tailored to suite each
organizations needs, while still sharing the same end


7 days with Windows 7

I’ve been meaning to give Windows 7 a try for a couple of weeks, and with my recent layoff I find myself with enough time to tinker.

When compared to Vista the interface seems alot cleaner, less cluttered. I like how it will maximize the screen differently if you drag a window to the top edge, or to the sides. Not once has the taskbar become cluttered, even when I had a bunch of apps running at the same time.

What’s really impressed me so far is Media Center. Those of you who know me, know that Media Center and me have had a long, and loving relationship. Microsoft took a good product and somehow made it better, faster, stronger (I just flashed on Kanye West saying that in my head). “Libraries” automatically index with any new media based upon its location on your machine or the network. The indexing runs silently in the background and doesn’t take 2 days to complete like in other versions.

Another thing that is suprising is how much quicker 7 run on my laptop when compared to Vista. Where Vista made doing anything a chore, on 7 it runs almost on par with Windows XP when it comes to performance. I know that this is only a Beta, and by the time Microsoft releases the full version it will go through many changes and iterations, but lets hope the perfomance stays stable. 

I’ll post more detailed impressions after the honeymoon period is over and let you know whats truely going on here.