Ramblings of a Laid-off Tech Worker


I’m Robert, and until 90 minutes ago, I was a high tech worker. The company I work for is experiencing some turmoil due to the current global financial crisis, and some might have said were nuts, but now, some of us are nothing.

This is all still fresh in my mind, so it might seem fragmented. It would seem that loosing something you love gives you the perspective to see whats truely happening in all this.

I loved what I did for my former employer, but, is this going to be the end, or a new beginning. Hopefully with this chapter over, the next chapter in my story will begin shortly. So, if anyone knows of someone looking for a network administrator with experience working in a mixed network. Please point them in my direction.

Thanks for everyone who reads this.



3 responses to “Ramblings of a Laid-off Tech Worker

  1. Group #3 has to stick together! 🙂

  2. Network administrators are extremely valuable people. You will find another job. Have you thought of a government job? Might be worth checking out. Just a thought.

  3. Hi– If you’d like to be featured in an article in InformationWeek on laid-off IT workers (who knows — it might help), please contact me. Alice LaPlante, writer, InformationWeek. alice.laplante@gmail.com. 650-858-0885.

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