Why do people deal with this company?

I hate sounding like a broken record on this thing, but how hard is it for a company to deliver something? These last few days I’ve been struggling to keep track of a package and its “delivery” status to the office.

According to the tracking information the package is on the truck, and appears that it will be delivered today. Great, but whats this, an update has appeared stating that a Delivery Appointment is required via the local depot.  WTH does this mean. Not comprehending what this means, I call the company, and the nice lady on the phone says that they aren’t sure what that means, but the system will be updated late in the morning and then they’d be able to know where my package is.

So I come into work this morning and check online again, and nothing, no changes have been made to the shipping details since Thursday. I again call, and enquire why wasn’t delivery attempted on Friday and the lady says shes not sure why, but they will investigate and get back to me in 24 hrs.

I didn’t think it could get worse, but it did. Talking to one of my co-workers today, he forwards me the tracking details for a laptop that we should have received last week. A quick check of the email and its being delivered by the same company. A quick search online and would you look at that, they attempted delivery of this item last Thursday as well. But the kicker was the fact that the status hasn’t been updated since then either.

Well after two more calls, they are investigating what happened to the other package, and filed a complaint.

I still wonder why people deal with them for shipping.


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