MSN, why do you forsake me

Right now I feel cripled.

I, like many yesterday, was having problems connecting to MSN messenger, and I felt cheap to be glad to be back online and have it working.

Now, this morning I am attempting to connect again and its just not working. A quick check to and it shows all systems go. But doesn’t it always show that? I next try by giving a try and still nothing. So I start to think that its just me thats having a problem, but thanks to twitter and its glimmer of hope that is “sudo IM” I find out that I’m not alone in this problem.

Now I don’t feel so bad, so I login to VPN and open my VOIP phone client to connect to the office PBX and I realize that my webcam is gone, and I don’t mean just not working, I mean its no where to be found. Great, so I go in search of my old headset/microphone and even thats no where.

Man, its just turning into one of those days. Lets hope this trend doesn’t continue, because my home builder is supposed to come today and fix the last of my problems.

Wish me luck, and hope the rest of the day turn out better.


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