One of the best ever

I make it a point to try and visit a museum when I visit a new city, but I have to say that I was rather suprised by my recent experience to the Canadaian War Museum here in Ottawa.

Suprised, and to be honest, honoured by some of the things there.

Currently they have an exhibit called “Deadly Medicine” on the German Eughenics program that ran through WWII. This exhibit covered the Eugenics movement in Europe and North American starting the in late 19th Century and ended with the Holocaust in Germany/Poland.

I don’t know why, but I found the general exhibit more interesting today, then the last time I went to the War Museum when I was a kid. I guess that makes sense, as I actually have an interest in this stuff now.

If you live in Ottawa and haven’t been to this museum since you were a kid, go, its so much more then I remembered.

If you’re not in Ottawa, make it a point to check it out if you ever find yourself here, its pretty amazing.

I’ll post some photos to my Flickr stream later tonight


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