Not as easy as it looks

As some of you know I had to go and get my G1 again recently. While I wrote and waited for the test to be completed something seemed weird about the whole experience.

When I first walked into the MTO office they had a sign that said only 41% of people passed the test on the first try, don’t know why, but this number seemed low…… that was until I wrote the damn test.

As I sat and wrote the test it seemed like alot of the people writing the test with me weren’t passing, either on their first or second pass, but I couldn’t tell how many times people had written the test by this time. This seemed to catch me by suprise. Even after, as I sat and waited for the test to be returned there was only one person who passed the whole time I was there. Well one person plus me that is.

As I’m sitting here alot things seem to start to make sense about the state of drivers today. I’m not one to talk, mind you. This test costs $110 to take, so you would think that people would read or study up before taking the test, but I don’t think many people did. Actually there was a large number of people who had been there since before I started the test and still had not finished when I was done and leaving.

What do you think of the state of drivers today?


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