Beer, beer the magical fruit

As most of you aren’t aware I started my “summer” vacation this afternoon. I say summer because its starting in August, albeit the tail end of the month that is.

To make matters better my brother in law and his GF have been visitng for the better part of a week.

For some reason all I wanted to do when I got off work this afternoon was have a big cold beer, to which I did in spades.

I don’t know what it is about a pub and its ambience/atmosphere that I like so much but I always seem to drink more when I’m not at home then when I am.

Maybe its because the experience is drawn out over a couple of hours, or maybe its because of the lighting, sound, or whatever but I seem to drink a shit load more when I ams in a social atmosphere enjoying good food and conversation at a pub.

I’m off to relaxing and enjoying the mental break that is “vacation”



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