Status of ?Customer Service?

What does it say about someone when they are given poor customer service and instead of speaking up about it are more willing to just let it go? Is it because they don’t want to rock the boat, possibly upset someone, or because they are affraid of what they will get in the end?

Case in point, last night I had a dentist appointment, and like anything like that neither of us felt like cooking when we got home. So my wife ask, “what do you feel like tonight?” to which I answer, umm how bout Pizza. Now I know when I offer Pizza, I’m not really getting what I want because my wife and I have differing opinions on what I/she would call pizza.

Whereas I like pizza from a local Pizzaria, she would prefer the generic, mass produced fast food of pizza. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat the other stuff, but prefer not to.

Ok, so last night I compromise, and we order from her place, ick, when the order is done they gave me a time of 40 minutes or its free.

So 41 minutes go by, and I call the Customer Service line, not to demand a free pizza, but to let them know that hey its been over 40 minutes and its normally at the door in 25. Customer service rep says, ok its freeze and the store will contact him.

So a couple more minutes go by and the guy shows up, doesn’t have a receipt in hand but a small piece of paper with something written in green and asks for the money.

I ask him where the debit machine is and he says he doesn’t have it, to which I respond, well what about the time? His response blew my mind, he said, and I quote “I was told by my manager that if you mentioned the time I was to take the pizza back.” What??? the???, he followed this by “There was technical problems, the printer didn’t work” or something.

Whatever, I told him to take it away. So now my wife is mad, because our dinner just left without being consumed. So I call Cust Service again and explained that happened. The agent was shocked about what I said and told me she was going to call the store and look into the order and call me back.

So a couple of minutes later I get a call from Alicia, saying she was really sorry, and that the store didn’t report any problems printing the order, which makes sense to be because they would have called to let me know it was going to be late because of that, and then she tells me that I’m not the first person to call tonight reporting the same things being said by the same delivery guy.

This made me mad because he tried this on at least one other person, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So anyways they “rush” the order back free of charge, but I guess they consider cold pizza as being fresh.

And what gets me is this happens all the time, and business’ get away with it because people are to nice, or affraid to speak up for themselves.

Oh well, back to eating my cold, “free” pizza.


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