Weddings are a good thing

Yesterday I got to witness one of lifes truely beautiful things. I got to participate/attend/enjoy a good friends wedding. Even though it started to rain right before the ceremony, the clouds seemed to hold back long enough for it to not ruin anything.


As much as I didn’t want to, I got to experience this event “stag” as my wife had to work, I understand, and realize that its out of our control,but what else is new. Doing this made me realize a couple of things;


a) Attending a wedding without your s/o sucks, no way to candy coat this, it just sucked. I don’t mean to sound selfish, but I realized that at an event like this, your taking stock of things, and came out if it feeling a little short, and missing my other half.


b) The whole time I truely missed her, and couldn’t wait to be with her.


c) In a way, it felt like I was saying my vows again, and re-affirming my love for this woman.


I’ll admit, the ceremony was beautiful, light hearted, and had a good of comic releif.


As always I like attending other people’s wedding, usually have good food, good drink. People are happy, in love, and all seem to get along, even if its only for one day.


Feel free to check out my Flickr photo stream on this page to see how truely beautiful Jenny and Steve’s day was, and found perfect the event was.

Yesterday I got to be a part of one of lifes beautiful things, I got to attend a close friends wedding to her fiance Steve. Feel free to check out my Flickr stream found on this blog to see photos of this beautiful bride, Jenny and Steve.


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