Cost effiicient email solutions for smallish businiesses

Some of you may know that I am left the world of big business for something new and exciting.

About seven months ago I left my comfortable job with a large multinational to pursue something more cerebral.

Now I find myself the junior IT guy facing a dilemma.

Currently our email is being hosted by our ISP on their servers. While this has worked pretty well for the better part of a decade, some cracks are beginning to show in the armor and are constantly being faced with the ISPs servers being blacklisted by our clients, and worse by various Real-Time Black Lists on the Internet.

While I love having to call our provider and advising them of these blacklisting’s, its become a to common issue, taking up chunks of our time.

Combine that with mailboxes that don’t exceed 250MB of storage, and the limitations start to become evident.

While, we’d like to move to a solution like the one provided by Google and its Hosted Email service, which can include a free mailbox for users with approximately 6GB of storage, or for a small annual fee 25GB, we’re faced with one of our clients being against us storing potentially confidential emails and documents on servers that we can’t be guaranteed are within the boundaries of our home and native land.

I can see what the apprehension might be. What with the Patriot act being so against the privacy of others, and the openness the Sarbanes Oxley Act requires companies to adhere to when it comes to SEC adherence, but how many other solutions exist that allow a company of our size, with limited budget to provide a secure, reliable, dependable and some what familiar interface.

Anyone have any ideas feel free to leave a comment, drop me a line, or get a hold of me some other way. Anything will help.


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