The curse of the early adopter

God, it happened again.

Yet another piece of tech down for the count.

Your probably asking what I’m babling about, but this morning I connected my iPod Touch and got prompted that there was an update available. 2.0.1

Since I’ve been hearing that the new software has been known to resolve some of the issues related to backups and 3rd party apps stability, so I said to myself “why not, what could happen”

And thats when it happened. All my iPod will display now is a little iTunes logo with a USB connector below it.

What happened? When it tried to update it got an error 1604, and now when I connect it to a machine, iTunes tells me its detected an iPod in recovery mode and would I like to recover it and install the updated software, and no other options. Well when it tries this it gives the same error message and displays the same icons on its screen.

Oh well, a quick call to Apple Support and they are sending a replacement device free of charge. Awww thanks Apple, you didn’t have to.

Of note, this is the second replacement iPod after my first one wouldn’t hold a charge ever.


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