File this under…….ewwww

Ewww is all I can say. Not much else comes to mind.

That is what came to mind as I read the following article.,8599,1815845,00.html?cnn=yes and discussed here

I don’t really know what to say because on so many levels I’m not surprised in all honesty. With kids seeming to be growing up earlier and earlier, its only natural to think that at some point they would want to start a family at such a young age.

When I look at the differences between my sister and me (5 years apart), things that she was doing at 14 I wouldn’t have thought of at 19. But on another level what does it say about the families and community that these girls are living in?

I’m not placing any blame on anyone here, but come on, has society been tainted enough by the likes of Britney Spears to the point where this is almost accepted?


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