When what a parent says doesn’t matter.

Recently I was watching Canada AM and they were talking about how a 12 year old girl had taken her father to Quebec Superior Court over a punishment that she didn’t like.

Whats awesome about all this is the court ruled in favour of the child……………… I’ll wait a few seconds while you let that sink in.

And I’m sure your asking what the punishment was? She wasn’t allowed to go on the end of the year trip with the rest of her classmates. Wow. So now, in Quebec at least, children can take their parents to youth court if they don’t like a punishment.

The girl was punished after she had sent inappropriate photos of herself online, and chatting online in inappropriate chatroom. When it was discovered that the house rule had been broken her dad took away access to the Internet.  When it was discovered that she had gone to a friends house and done the same thing again that was when he told her she was not allowed to go on the trip.

Talk about taking away a parents rights to enact a punishment fitting the crime. My question is three fold;

1. Why did the courts system let a case like this get that far?

2. When did a parent loose the right to punish their children as they see fit?

3. When is the case history of the offending judge going to be reviewed for any other inconsistent rullings?

I couldn’t find an article online, but did find a site that was discussing it here


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